FAIR HILL FARM Therapeutic Riding Center

* What is Horse Centered Therapy?

​Led by a Certified Instructor and supported by Volunteers, riders improve their posture, muscle strength, coordination, balance & sensory/motor development through challenging riding exercises & activities..

A horse pelvis has the same 3D movement as a human pelvis while walking, therefore the animals gait leads ago a movement response in the rider's pelvis which is similar to the motions of human walking. This therapy facilitates emotional well being, physical strength and enjoyment due to the emotional bond the rider has with the horse.

​This bond enhances the riders self esteem & confidence, & the challenge of riding makes therapy fun.


* Who benefits from Therapy?

Fair Hill Farm Therapeutic Riding Center has worked with individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, Autism, & Schizophrenia using the horse's rhythmic gait to develop muscle tone, improve balance & decrease spasticity. Clients with stroke, amputation, mental retardation, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome can also benefit from our program.

Watch some of the videos of what we do :


​​Tyler Hill, PA

If you are interested in a new uplifting, enjoyable, therapy speak to your Doctor or Therapist to see if you could benefit & contact us to arrange a visit. We encourage clients to invite their personal therapists to work with us & family members may also wish to participate.


...has its roots in the Ancient Greek Civilization, & has been & continues to be used for rehabilitation purposes for people with all types of disabilites. Our mission is to provide Therapeutic Riding to a diverse group of Adults & Children in our area who are facing physical, cognitive, psychological & educational challenges.


            Fair Hill Farm Therapeutic Riding Center relies on the Volunteers that help us.

            If you are interested in helping & spending time with wonderful people & horses,

            please contact us. No experience need. 

           We always need Volunteers!

​          It can be a very rewarding experience.....

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